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    As themes of love, life, and loss span through Martine Groulx’s elegant and haunting alter ego, Camaromance, listeners are compelled to an ethereal exploration of darkness and broken hearts enlightened by this crystalline tone that surfaces above. When punk rock roars in the open, this lady bumps in with a whole lotta love on her strings. And out pours art-folk at its finest.

    Old enough to have worshipped Soundgarden as a nineties kid, and bold enough to seize The Magnetic Fields’ “The book of love” as her own, Groulx’s sonic landscape will leave you hanging between daunting captivation and exhilarating bliss.

    As witnessed on her first three sets – Empty Picture Frames (2004), Different Paths (2006) and The Parade (2010), on her own Lazy At Works label –, these folk and indie consonances are meticulously crafted around a knowledge that grunge’s uneasy blend of emotional distress and sonic kicks represented a state of mind as well as a shivering guitar sound – making her own statement clearer than ever: You are witnessing a  musical force to be reckoned with.

    “We’ll be the wind chasing the clouds away”

    With seven years separating her latest effort, Chasing Clouds, from its predecessor, Groulx hadn’t plan on making new music until she found herself mourning a series of loss that catapulted her into a song writing impetus, resulting on this 00 song-set. As expected, grief and the events connected to it wind their way into the album, which arguably encapsule Groulx’s most intimate lyrics to date.

    And if her faith resides in rock’n’roll, her music has its two feet grounded in indie and folk, melting the two genres into a powerhouse of emotional landscapes, birthing on the cliff of a whispering guitar. This time around, she surrounds herself with cellos and lap steels, informing her voice with the magnitude it naturally exhudes.

    If beauty can irradiate a storm, Camaromance is its embodiment.


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